Wondering what your stuff is worth but not ready for a pickup?  Let easysale appraise it for free!

The best way to know the resale value of an item is to research how much the same or similar items have sold for recently.  This is basically what happens during a real estate appraisal, for example:  the appraiser looks at recent sales of similar homes in your neighborhood, and then makes adjustments for differences in age, condition, and so on.

We use a similar process to estimate the resale value of hundreds of different items that easysale sells every week--from electric guitars to digital cameras to designer jewelry and purses, and much more.  Our trained researchers use a sophisticated data mining and analysis system to review up to the last 90 days of completed eBay sales.  That information, combined with our own extensive experience, lets us estimate a range of resale values for your item.

To get your free appraisal:

  1. Fill out the short form below (or download our app).  You can request appraisals on multiple items if you wish.
  2. Important:  be as specific as possible! The more information we have on your item, the more accurate our appraisal can be.  Include brand name, model name or number, specifications if the item is available in different configurations, color (if applicable), age, condition, accessories included, etc.
  3. We will contact you by phone and/or email with your appraised value, usually within one business day.
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